Connect with the Natural World Surrounding You.

Great community design isn’t just about what’s built. It’s also about what’s not built. Eastmore has acres of wetlands, streams and granite outcroppings for natural habitat, planned trails and the joy of discovery.

A richly lived, healthy life has many layers, defined as much by our environments as by how we spend our time. When beauty surrounds us, we’re inspired. When nature is near, we’re restored.

Cozy up under a tree and it just might transform into your new favorite reading spot. Take the kids down to the creek and teach them to skip stones or catch minnows with their hands. Then spend the afternoon at the park. Fun is as close as your two feet, maybe an old soccer ball, and a little imagination.


1492 Spruce Drive
Conyers, GA 30094
(678) 509-0261

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